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BioWolf 8R

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BioWolf 10 R


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BioWolf 8R

Rugged - Tablet - Biometric

BioRugged BioWolf 8R is a full featured IP65 mobile Tablet as it encapsulates an Android 10 (GMS) Operating System with a wide selection of fingerprint readers available from Integrated Biometrics and Suprema.  

The BioWolf 8R biometric tablet will be perfect for customer registration, population census, voter registration, police and eKYC applications. By further expanding its capabilities with a smart card and contactless card reader, the BioWolf 8R becomes a very versatile terminal for use in a substantial number of applications, in any type of environment.


Key features on the BioWolf 8R include a large range of Fingerprint options, 10,000mAh battery, 2D barcode reader, NFC, Chip(ISO7810), PSAM and 13Mp camera.


• NFC, RJ45 & Smart Card (optional)

• 2D barcode scanner (optional) 

• Can be used with the Marque-Bio10

• 8 inch screen, Sun Readable, scratch-resistant

• IP67 hard carry case (optional) 

• 2/3/4G LTE, Wifi, GPS & BT

• Suprema, LES & Next Biometrics Fap 20 / 30 Fingerprint options

BioWolf 10R

Rugged Mobile Expression

BioRugged BioWolf 10R is an expansion of the Wolf 8R.
BioRugged's portfolio industrial devices in the format of  Rugged Tablets are developed for applications such as census, voter registration, healthcare, education and public security.

The BioWolf 10R features Android 10(GMS) with IP65 protection grade against dust and water.

Our tablets deliver the perfect solution for mobility in any environment with data security that enables the delivery of trusted services in any area of activity, anywhere in the world. It is a light and mobile device with a high duration battery to
allow long hours of secure service.

Key features on the BioWolf 10R include a 10,000mAh battery with the ability to charge the device directly with the BioRugged 12 to 28W mobile solar panels, pushing the use case of the 10R to endless possibilities.


• NFC & Fingerprint  (optional)

• Can be used with the Marque-Bio10

• 10 inch screen, Sun Readable, scratch-resistant

• IP67 hard carry case (optional) 

• 2/3/4G LTE, Wifi, GPS & BT

BioWolf 8F30