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Governmen Solutions



Biometric Voter Registration and Verification (BVR/BVV) uses biometric technology to register voters, identify voters, and authenticate voter identification. The BioRugged enrollment infrastructure allows  our clients to collect voter data and maintain a biometric database for all voters. Our solutions are portable, secure, grid-independent and can aid in ensuring a free and fair election process. 

Our mobile solutions are created to support the registration of voters, data creation, issuance of voter cards and other on-the-spot printing options in any environment. We enable our clients to build a secure voter database which prevents duplicate registrations, and provides user-friendly biometric registration. Our solutions fit any environment.

Our solutions can be used at airports, train stations national and regional borders. Our solutions also create, track, and maintain national and immigration registries, ePassports, eGates, smart card systems, and self-service automated border control (ABC) kiosks.

During boarding or arrival, traveler documents can be checked and facial recognition can be used to compare against the travel document, visa or national databases. Border control proceeds to interview the traveler to validate the results, establish the purpose and intent of travel, and determine admissibility.

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Our solutions meet the international Automated Fingerprint Identification Standards. AFIS uses digital imaging technology to obtain, store, and analyze fingerprint data to match fingerprints against a said database of known and unknown prints.

The process assists with general identification and fraud prevention. These solutions are primarily used for criminal identification by law enforcement agencies, attendance, and access control systems, civil identifications, and background checks.

Our solutions are used for recruit registration, physical and logistical access control, checkpoint identity verification, general population enrolment, contracted staff enrolment, detainee management and booking of military police, maintenance management, repair, and overhaul of assets.

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Biometric Voter Reg
Biomteric Border Control
Military and Law Enfcmt
Service Idustry Solutions



The know your customer or know your client guidelines in financial services requires that professionals make an effort to verify the identity, suitability, and risks involved with maintaining a business relationship. The procedures fit within the broader scope of a bank's Anti-Money Laundering policy.

Our devices make identification and verification easier, and enable our clients to acquire information about their customers, scan and keep documents they provide, maintain databases, obtain, and verify identity documents. 

With zero-touch enrollment, IT teams can instantly deploy a fleet of company-owned devices, secured out of the box. Employees just power on to get started with the apps and configurations they depend on ready to go.

Zero-touch enrollment in four steps:
1 Enterprise customers purchase devices
2 Enterprise customers create or edit EMM configurations
3 Biorugged creates new customer enrollment accounts and       assigns devices
4 Biorugged ships devices to users for easy activation


Doctor Checking a Form

Instant Capture of patient information at point-of-care, streamlining process and productivity, locating equipment, and administering medicine accurately. We provide a turn-key solution for the healthcare system.

Our solutions obtain patient history, identify patients, access recent procedures and doctor visits, and shows past tests and exams. Doctors now have quick access to prior diagnoses, any prescribed medication, and general medical history.

We provide solutions for medical facilities that can be used in hospitals or in providing medical help in the most rural areas of the world. Rugged, reliable, and secure.


RICA and FICA are required by law in many of our client regions. Along with our Know-Your-Customer solutions, you can easily capture further documents from clients for purposes of RICA and FICA registration.

Verification can happen anywhere even on the go.

Our solutions allow mobile providers and telecommunication technicians to obtain identity documents and addresses from clients with the use of a single device.

It also provides solutions for the capturing and storage of information. Since our solutions are rugged and mobile it works in any environment, rural or urban.

Anroid zer-touch enrollmnt


We provide solutions to capture biometrics (fingerprints, iris images, palm prints, facial images) in offices, airports, train stations, police stations, small TelCo service points, and in the field.

Stationary or mobile, connected or grid-independent, government or private sector, we provide the right solution. Our technologies enable the registration, duplication, and verification of persons using biometrics, from customer registration to national databases for eID and Voter Registeration.


From access to restricted facilities, to the registration of visitors, we provide a wide range of solutions using different biometric modalities. We provide stationary equipment for your front desk, mobile equipment, and handheld solutions for spot checks at gates and industrial areas.

Our solutions help you create visitor cards and day passes, track the movement of guests in your facilities, and help you to comply with legal or certification regulations.


Ask us for special solutions for DG environments.

Our solutions allow farmers to use a simple and accurate stock control system. Stock is scanned out of the distribution warehouse via an attached item barcode. Stock is then assigned to a specific farmer on a first-in-first-out basis. This process ensures that specific barcoded stock is marked for delivery to an assigned farmer. All farmers are registered on the system using secure biometrics.

We also offer unique solutions for purposes of seed and other deliveries, biometric identification features, two-factor identification, crop registration, and farmer verification. 
Simplified and accurate stock control.


We provide solutions for estate access control, guard patrol, identity verification for law enforcement agents in the field, and biometric control and access to public spaces and buildings.  This offering can also be utilised for office buildings or any other property where security access is required.

Biometirc Tech
Bimteric visitor management
Biometric Captue Tool
Public Security
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