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Civil Registration Kits


Mark 3


Mark 1


Marque-Bio 10

Marque 5.1

Mark 3

Mobile Registration Kit

The Mark 3 is an ULTRA compact BEVK (Biometric Enrollment and Verification KIT) with a Thermal Identification Card Printer.

The Mark 3 has the option of an Android or Windows 10 tablet with an additional FAP30 Fingerprint. The tablet can be removed from the case to be used as a verification terminal. Connectivity is provided by LAN (RJ45), 2/3/4G Mobile internet, WIFI, Bluetooth, NFC, and GPS.

Mark 3

Mark 1

Mobile Election KIT (BVV / BVR)

The Mark 1 is an ULTRA compact BVV / BVR (Biometric Enrollment and Verification KIT) with a Thermal Identification Card Printer.

All BioRugged™ kits share a common platform and are laptop/notebook based and can be customized for the specific need of a customer. The kit can be deployed rapidly and with ease. It has a long endurance of 8 hours plus of continuous operations. The kit has various additional options that can be integrated to assist with any type of project and ensure successful implementation. 

Mark 1

Marque - Bio10

Mobile Enrolment Station

All in One Slap (442) Fingerprint

The Marque-Bio10 is a mobile enrolment solution that combines the mobility of a tablet with the use ability of a desktop solution. It is a user-friendly hybrid solution that has all the functionality of a BVR kit in a compact form factor.

The Marque-Bio 10 is a mobile enrolment solution that combines the mobility of a tablet with the usability of a desktop solution. It is a user-friendly, hybrid solution that has all the functionalities of a BVR kit, in a compact form factor.

BioRugged designed this device to be both physically and operationally ideal for various enrolment use cases where efficiency remains vital, even in challenging workspaces where portability is a requirement.


The 10-inch tablet has an IP65 protection rating and can be operated from its stand or as a handheld to optimise user comfort and experience. Its various options and features ensure many configurations that can optimise the solution for several use cases.

Marque Bio 10