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A leading mobile operator in Côte d’Ivoire with over eleven million subscribers. Regulatory entities in the region implemented legislative changes, requiring biometric registrations for purposes of SIM card purchases.
To maintain their leading position, they required a new and innovative solution for the Ivorian market. A solution that would allow fast and accurate mobile subscriber registration.
They also required a solution to simplify and speed-up their airtime sales process and other key telecom services. BioRugged was requested to devise and implement this framework as a solutions partner.


BioRugged designed, manufactured, and supplied an all-in-one terminal that could perform the three required functions. Our solutions will eventually replace all laptops previously used in shops and their rural agents.

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BioRugged rose to the challenge and created a unique solution to speak to our client's requirements. The RUGGBO is a mobile, rugged, biometric device enclosed in a rugged case, branded with a custom logo.

This unit caters for diverse technical use cases and it satisfied the needs of the client. We've successfully rolled out ten thousand RUGGBOs in Côte d’Ivoire. This allowed the client to achieve their 100% KYC Biometric enrolment target.


To meet the strict technical specifications, the RUGGBO includes a high resolution camera for facial photos, a FIPS 20 fingerprint scanner, an NFC reader, an OCR for document reading, and a complete connectivity suite.

The RUGGBO was further customised and outfitted with full digital keyboard functionality, and a rugged carry-case. All the components of this RUGGBO set were also branded with the client's colours. 

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