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Seamless Biometric Registration with Marque 5.1

It is no longer possible to deny the fact that biometric technology is the way forward. The African Continent is embracing the advantages of reducing incidents of fraud as well as boosting digital government and business transactions. But Biometric Registrations require multiple devices and thereby desk-space.

BioRugged’s unique Marque 5.1 was launched in November 2021, ideal and in time for the Biometric Passport Registration process in Zimbabwe.

To ensure seamless registrations with a minimal physical footprint the BioRugged Marque 5.1 is equipped with a Suprema FAP 60 Fingerprint Scanner, an 8MP Camera with Dual-LED Flash Facial Camera, Mifare/NFC Card Reader and a Sign Pad that can be used as a second screen.

The BioRugged Marque 5.1 has a modular design for Government Identity Enrolment / Verification (eID, Passport, Voting, Driving License etc.), eKYC, Refugee Management, Airport and Border Control use cases.

Together we transform biometric technology and ensure identities for all with the sleek, all-in-one, ultra-compact BioRugged Marque 5.1 .

Please contact our sales team for more information:

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