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BioRugged's Innovative Contribution to Ethiopia's National Digital ID Initiative

BioRugged™ is excited to announce our pivotal role in Ethiopia's national digital ID initiative, a project set to revolutionize the way identity verification processes are managed within the banking sector. This initiative is part of a collaborative effort withLamino Engineering PLC, under the Ethiopian Bankers’ Association (EBA). Together, we are stepping into a future where digital and biometric technologies ensure more secure, efficient, and accessible banking services.

Introducing the Mark 2 MOSIP Kit

Central to our contribution is the BioRugged™ Mark 2 MOSIP, a versatile biometric kit designed to support various identity programs, including voting, national ID, and passport services. Developed under the Modular Open Source Identity Platform (MOSIP) framework, the Mark 2 MOSIP kit embodies our commitment to robust, adaptable technology. Key Features of the Mark 2 MOSIP Kit:

  • Laptop/Notebook-Based Platform: All BioRugged™ kits are based on a common platform, making them easily adaptable and customizable to meet specific customer needs.

  • Ease of Deployment: The kit is designed for rapid deployment and simple operation, suitable for both rural and urban settings.

  • Long Operational Endurance: With over 8 hours of continuous operation, the Mark 2 MOSIP kit ensures prolonged productivity without the need for frequent recharging.

  • MOSIP Compliance: Guaranteed compliance with MOSIP standards, the kit facilitates seamless integration into existing frameworks, supported by ongoing development in collaboration with the MOSIP community. Our Global Commitment At BioRugged™, we leverage our global expertise to develop solutions that are not only practical but are meticulously tailored to the unique challenges of each environment we work in. Our robust, mobile devices and enrollment kits are especially designed to withstand the demands of varied operational contexts, ensuring reliability and performance where it matters most.

As we continue to innovate and expand our reach, stay tuned for more updates on how BioRugged™ is driving the future of biometric technology across the world.

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