Rex 6.5

6.5” Rugged Smartphone

Rex 6.5 is an Android rugged mobile device with a large screen launched with the KYC market in mind but that is also used in logistics, health care, retail sales and public security. The Rex 6.5 handset with its high rugged IP67 spec is capable of delivering fast and secure service in extremely harsh environments. The battery size provides ultra-high capacity and consequently a long operation time.


  • Protection class IP67: dust and waterproof
  • Drop resistance level 1.5m
  • Large 6.5” touch screen
  • Android 5.1
  • High resolution 13MP camera
  • Communications: GSM, GPRS, EDGE, 3G, LTE, GPS, BT, Wi-Fi
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Used by:

  • Mobile Operators: Customer registration (KYC)
  • Logistics: GPS deliveries control, track and tracing of parcels
  • Public Security: GPS location and maps
  • Industrial Sites: Ruggedness complies with ATEX specs for harsh environments

Rex 6.5

Rex 6.5 is part of the Rex family of rugged terminals that withstand dust, water and are resistant to shock. This resilience to environmental conditions and the number of applications available for the Rex 6.5 turn it into a popular device and represents a very reliable solution for all companies!

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