BioRugged Ruggbo is the pinnacle of handheld IP65 fingerprint technology. Combining a Secure Android OS, large 5.5inch HD screen, 13 mega pixel camera, Quad Core CPU and LTE. Ruggbo is the proven solution to fingerprint registrations and verification in rural and urban areas. The follow built in fingerprint modules are available:


  • FS80
  • FS88 (FIPS201)

Upek 508DPI

  • TCS 1
  • TCS 2 (FIPS201)
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Used by:

  • Governments – Voting , ID, Passport and Employee registration and verification
  • Mobile Operators – KYC (Know you Customer) and Customer On-Boarding
  • Banking – Mobile BioMetric banking registrations & Identification
  • Military – Fingerprint population registration and verification


The Ruggbo is the perfect combination on a secure Android device with builtin fingerprint reader to quickly roll out an affordable work forces with tier one equipment. As an optional extra the Ruggbo can be fitted with a rugged cover increasing the current drop resistance from 1 to 1.5 meters.

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