Ruggbo 20

Handheld Fingerprint Data Collector

The BioRugged Ruggbo 20 is the next chapter in affordable rugged IP65 mobile biometrics, made for the modern world but designed to survive the real world.

With a Fully secure Android 7.1.1 with integrated SAM SIM the Ruggbo 20 creates unlimited possibilities for registration and verification purposes; however, it may be equipped optionally with a chip card reader and MIFARE NFC/RFID, thus allowing it to be used in police, election enrollment / voter’s verification areas as well.

The BioRugged Ruggbo 20 is a leap forward in what is possible to be carried in one hand, contact BioRugged.



  • Qualcomm ARM Octa-core CPU @ 2.0Ghz / 64-Bit
  • Independent GPU Qualcomm Adreno 405
  • • 5,5” IPS Full-HD multi-touch display
  • 5 MP front camera, 13 MP Camera rear camera
  • 1/2D Honeywell 6603 barcode reader:Dual Sim (1 x normal & 1 x micro)
  • Communications: GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G/4G-LTE/Bluetooth 4.1/Wi-Fi’
  • Built-in microphone, loudspeaker, and headphone jack
  • Suprema BioMini Slim 2s (S21s) – FBI/PIV/FAP20, 500DPI
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Used by:

  • Corporate: Customer registration (KYC) and service subscription
  • Government: Voter’s registration and authentication
  • Health Care: Patients and medical staff identification
  • the Military
  • Education: Students ID verification
  • Public Security: ID, driver’s license and passport verification

Ruggbo 20

Key features on the Ruggbo 20 include a new generation optical Suprema Biomini Slim 2s FIPS20/ PIV / 1GHZ CPU / ANSI fingerprint reader, 5.5inch Sun readable screen, ten thousand mAh removable battery with charge cradle(RJ45), 3/32GB Ram, 13MP dual Flash ICAO compliant camera, hand strap, stylus, and Honeywell 2D barcode reader.

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