The BioCombo provides a low cost, rugged option to capture fingerprints text and portrait images. The All-in-One Combo includes: Rugged Android Phone , LTE, USB fingerprint scanner and charger all conveniently packed in a rugged carry case.

  • Excellent branding opportunities on the phone and Carry case
  • 4 to 5.5 inch BioRugged Rex phones available with Increased batteries
  • USB 3c on selected models for ease of operation
  • Various Fingerprint options available from 250 – 508PPI with FISP201 and FAP20
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Used by:

  • Mobile Operators : Customer Registration (KYC) with BioMetrics (Fingerprint)
  • Delivery Companies: GPS enabled tracking of deliveries
  • Corporations and Mining: Field registrations and verification of workers
  • Oil and Gas Industry: Atex specification to survive the toughest environments
  • Government – Registration and verification of general populous


The Combo is a 2 in 1 product combining the best of two worlds, a low cost rugged device and a versatile fingerprint reader when needed. The Combo is affordable , used widely and very effective contact us today for more information

Rugged tablets give your workforce the level of flexibility and reliability that they need to perform at their best, even in the most challenging of environments. Our Combo range is designed and built with your operational requirements in mind, and we’re confident that our devices will soon become the tool that your workforce can’t live without.

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