Wolf 10 EES

Wolf 10 EES

Wolf 10 EES is the new addition to BioRugged portfolio of industrial devices in the format of a Rugged
Tablet developed for applications such as census, voter’s registration, healthcare, education, and public security. It is an android terminal with ruggedized to IP65 protection grade against dust and waterproof.


  • G+G hardness 6H, scratch resistant
  • Rear 13.0MP, auto focus and flash light: Built-in Li-polymer battery nearly 10 hours
  • Android 9.0
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Used by:

  • Government: Voters Registration & Census
  • Educations: Tough, durable work book
  • Logistics: Mobile data capture terminal
  • Law Enforcement: Laptop replacement


Wolf 10 EES delivers the perfect solution for mobility in any environment and data security, enabling the delivery of trusted services in any area of activity anywhere in the world. As it is a light and mobile device with a long duration battery allows long hours of secure service.

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